Warrington Partnership

Partnership working in Warrington

Partnership and collaborative working is a vital ingredient for delivering the best possible services to our local population, especially when faced with financial pressures and fast changing needs within the population.  Key boards and groups:

Health and Wellbeing Board

The Warrington Health and Wellbeing Board has been operating since 2011 and provides the strategic and statutory oversight for promoting health and wellbeing in Warrington.  It's responsible for delivering a local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment [pdf], and for promoting integrated health and social care. It meets 5 - 6 times per year, and is currently chaired by Professor Steven Broomhead, who is also Chief Executive of Warrington Borough Council.  View meeting papers for the Health and Wellbeing Board.

This board’s key strategic document is the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Warrington [pdf]. This strategy sets out our high level strategic ambitions for Warrington over the coming years, with priorities being based on key areas of need identified in the JSNA.  A new Health and Wellbeing Strategy is being created for 2019-23.

You can also view the Health and Wellbeing Board's annual reports.

Community Safety Partnership 

Warrington Community Safety Partnership is the statutory crime and disorder reduction partnership for the borough and fulfils both statutory and non-statutory functions. This group brings together key senior representatives from partner organisations working on the crime and safety agenda in the borough.

Homelessness Priority Action Group  

The Homelessness Priority Action Group was set up in 2014 in order to drive forward implementation of the recommendations of the Homelessness Commission. For more information please contact Dave Cowley: dcowley@warrington.gov.uk 

Drug and Alcohol Team Strategic Board

The Drug and Alcohol Team Strategic Board was re-launched in June 2015 to champion and drive forward joint commissioning and delivery activity aimed at reducing substance related harm in the borough and to minimise the health harm, violence and anti-social behaviour associated with alcohol and drugs in the Borough. For more information please contact Cathy FitzGerald: cfitzgerald@warrington.gov.uk 

Hate Crime Incident Partnership

Established in 2011 to co-ordinate activity aimed at reducing hate crime and hate incidents in the borough. For more information please contact Helen Hill: hhill@warrington.gov.uk 

Delivering Wellbeing in Bewsey and Dallam

Delivering wellbeing in Bewsey and Dallam was a project set up by the Warrington Partnership focused on working within two of our most excluded community areas, and aims to deliver the conditions in which local residents can enjoy a better quality of life both now and for years to come.  This project ran from 2013-2016 but has left a great legacy of improvement and ongoing work and plans for the future. For more information about Delivering Wellbeing in Bewsey and Dallam please contact Chris Skinkis:  cskinkis@warrington.gov.uk 

Integrated Commissioning and Transformation Board

The Integrated Commissioning and Transformation Board (or ICTB) focuses on driving forward the integration of health and social care commissioning and deliver.  For more information contact Vicky Wrench - vwrench@warrington.gov.uk.  

Health and Social Care Summit

The Health and Social Care Summit brings together service providers and commissioned services primarily from the health and lifestyles sectors and provides a forum where leaders from these organisations can share issues, build relationships and identify joint solutions to achieve desired outcomes in the borough.  For more information contact Vicky Wrench - vwrench@warrington.gov.uk


In Warrington, we have a strong history of partnership working and a large network of boards and groups (both formal and informal).  

For many years, partners in Warrington have come together under a collective banner of The Warrington Partnership. Although the way we do this has changed over time, the ethos of bringing  together different organisations from the public, private and third/voluntary sectors remains a fundamental principle of how we aim to work. In this way the partnership aims to ensure that different initiatives and services work together more efficiently and effectively, deliver better value and benefits, and improve the quality of life for local people. The Warrington Partnership Board took a decision early in 2017 to dissolve and to re-form as the “Strong and Resilient Communities” Board, in line with its core role delivering the “strong and resilient communities” priorities of the Health and Wellbeing strategy.

For more information about the Warrington’s strategic partnerships, the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and other important partnership initiatives please contact warringtonpartnership@warrington.gov.uk