Families Information Service

The Families Information Service (FIS) offers a free, impartial advice and guidance service, covering all aspects of family life.  We provide a wide range of information for all families, children, young people and professionals in Warrington, available to you online, by phone, email or post including: 

Contact us to request information on childcare, activities and family support: call 01925 443322, email fis@warrington.gov.uk, visit the online Family Services Directory, or complete an online enquiry form.

Need extra help?  Use the Family Advisor Service

Our advisors can offer extra help to you if you're a parent/carer who may be finding it difficult accessing suitable childcare and activities to meet your needs or the needs of your children.  You can use the service if you haven't been able to find suitable childcare or activities, or if you are someone who might find it more difficult to access childcare, for example if:

  • you've searched, but found that all local childcare settings are full
  • you need childcare during unsocial hours e.g. overnight
  • you need childcare at short notice
  • English isn't your first language
  • you have a disabled child
  • you have a learning difficulty
  • you're a teenage parent
  • you're a lone parent/carer


We can provide one-to-one advice and guidance, tell you about childcare costs and free childcare available, speak to childcare providers on your behalf, go with you to visit to the childcare setting, and work with other professionals who may already be supporting your family.


There is no charge for this service.