Air quality and pollution

The draft Air Quality Action Plan is now open for consultation until the 15 December 2017. To view the documents and to make any comments, please see the consultation page.

Have you ever wondered how the air around you might affect your day to day health?

Across the UK it's predicted that poor air quality leads to 40,000 premature deaths from exposure to particulate and nitrogen dioxide pollution.  

What about Warrington? 

In 2013, 4.8% of all mortality in our town was attributable to man-made particulate pollution the equivalent to 95 premature deaths. This is slightly worse than the average for the north west of 4.6%.  There are no figures available for Warrington on the health impact from nitrogen dioxide exposure.

Whilst the majority of Warrington has good air quality, there are areas close to major roads where nitrogen dioxide levels are high and exceed national standards.  

Monitoring data

We have three real time monitoring sites in Warrington where we assess the air quality using a mix of diffusion tubes and real time monitoring data.

Check out the latest measured data on any of our three sites:

Air quality management 

We currently have two Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in Warrington: