Air quality and pollution

Following our recent consultation exercise for the Air Quality Action Plan, we've now taken into account all comments received and have adopted the Action Plan. A summary of the consultation and our responses are now available for you to download [pdf]

On the whole the comments we received were supportive of our proposed measures. The Workplace Charging Levy measure received the least support and as a consequence it's been decided not to take this action forward into our final plan at this time.

We can confirm that the other 17 proposed actions have been taken forward and progress with the Action Plan measures [pdf] will be reported each year in the Annual Status Reports which will be published on this web page.

What about Warrington? 

In 2013, 4.8% of all mortality in our town was attributable to man-made particulate pollution the equivalent to 95 premature deaths. This is slightly worse than the average for the north west of 4.6%.  There are no figures available for Warrington on the health impact from nitrogen dioxide exposure.

In 2015, around 4% of all mortality in Warrington was attributable to man-made particulate pollution, the Air Quality and Health JSNA, Feb 2018 report [pdf] has more detail.

Whilst the majority of Warrington has good air quality, there are areas close to major roads where nitrogen dioxide levels are high and exceed national standards.  

Monitoring data

We have three real time monitoring sites in Warrington where we assess the air quality using a mix of diffusion tubes and real time monitoring data.

Check out the latest measured data on any of our three sites:

Air quality management 

We currently have two Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in Warrington: