Registering a birth


Preparing for the arrival of a baby is an exciting time and there are many things to think about relating to what is needed and what has to be done. First-class advice and care is available to expectant parents through the medical system – your doctor, midwife, ante-natal classes, and through excellent books, specialised magazines and the internet.

This page aims to give useful information about registering the birth of your baby, together with some basic pointers relating to other aspects of parent responsibility.

Registering a a birth 

Every live birth must be registered within 42 days of the child being born.

The birth must be registered personally by:

  • one of the parents if the parents are married to each other 
  • the mother or the mother and father together if they are not married to each other

OR If the child was conceived as a result of fertility treatment

Either of the following can register the birth:

  • the mother
  • the father, if he was married to the mother at the time of treatment
  • the second female parent if she was in a civil partnership with the mother at the time of treatment

You cannot ask a friend or relative to register the birth on your behalf.

The birth must be registered at the register office for the district where the birth takes place.

For births in Warrington, you must register the birth at Warrington Register Office. 

Making an appointment

You will need to make an appointment to register your child’s birth.  

Appointments are available Monday - Friday, 9am – 4.30pm.  The Register Office does not offer appointments on Bank Holidays. 

What information do I need to bring? 

When attending to register you will be asked questions regarding name, dates, addresses and places which will feed into the register entry (see below).

To help ensure the accuracy of the information recorded it would be useful if you could bring supporting documentation with you, such as:

  • Passport(s)
  • Driving licence
  • Utility bill
  • Birth and marriage / civil partnership certificates

Do not worry if any of these documents are not available as the registrar is able to complete the registration without them. However, please be advised that as of 1 November 2017 there will be a charge of between £75.00 and £90.00 for a correction to a registration. Please ensure that you know all the necessary information and that you check the register page extremely carefully before signing it. Errors or omissions in registers can lead to problems using copy certificates for official purposes in the future, and applying for a correction can be time consuming as well as costly.

Information you will be asked to provide

The child

  • Details of the date and place of the baby’s birth (if the baby is a twin, triplet and so on, we will need the time of each baby’s birth)
  • Whether the baby is a boy or a girl
  • The first names and surname of your baby

Mother of the child

  • Mother’s first names and any surnames which she has used before and since her marriage (if this applies)
  • Her date and place of birth
  • Her address

Registering the birth

  • Her current, or last occupation (if this applies)
  • The number of previous children (by her present and any former husbands date of marriage if applicable).

Father of the child

  • Father’s first name and surname
  • The date and place of his birth
  • His current, or last occupation (if this applies)
  • Usual address

If you are unsure of any of the details, please contact the Register office for advice before you attend your appointment. It is important that the information in the register is correct.

If English is not your first language, and you would like someone to help with the registration, you should ask a friend or relative to go to register with you.


During your appointment you will be able to purchase birth certificates.

The ‘short’ birth certificate costs £4.00 (from 1 November 2017) and can be used to claim your child benefit.

The ‘full’ birth certificate also costs £4.00 and can be used to open a bank account and obtain a passport for your child.

Please note: your registrar can only accept cash payments for certificates. However, if your child was born outside of Warrington you will need to bring a cheque or postal order to your appointment.

You will be able to buy more copy certificates at any point in the future by visiting  

Please be advised that the cost of certificates increased after registration.