Becoming a British Citizen

Warrington Registration Service cannot provide information on how to become a British Citizen. Please visit the UK Border Agency (UKBA) website for information on how to apply and who qualifies.

Arranging a citizenship ceremony

Once your application to become a British Citizen has been approved you will be contacted by the UKBA who will inform you of your successful information and request that you book to attend a ceremony with your local register office.

This is the final step in the process of becoming British.

To book a ceremony with Warrington Registration Service please call 01925 442762.

You may chose to attend our group citizenship ceremony which is held at the Town Hall once every two months. Or you may have a private ceremony at the Register Office. The private ceremony costs £60.00 per family.   

What will happen at my ceremony?

At your ceremony you will be required to swear an oath and affirmation, either to God or to the Queen. You can choose which on the day of your ceremony.

Group ceremonies are attended by the Mayor of Warrington and other dignitaries and include welcome speeches and the singing of the national anthem.

You will be presented with your Certificate of Naturalisation with which you can obtain your British Passport. There will be an opportunity for photographs with the Mayor at the group ceremony.

You will also be given a gift from Warrington Borough Council as a memento of your ceremony.

You are welcome to bring up to two guests with you to the Town Hall ceremony. At a private Register Office ceremony you may bring more guests with you. You will be advised of this when you book.


If you are attending a group ceremony at Warrington Town Hall your fee is covered by what you have paid to UKBA for your citizenship application.

For the convenience of a private ceremony at Warrington Register Office at a time to suit you we charge £60.00 per family.

There is no cost for your Naturalisation certificate. 

Registrars brochure: Citizenship ceremonies brochure [PDF]