A childminder is someone who looks after children in their home for more than two hours a day and is paid for this service.  They are registered with Ofsted and have undergone a training programme.  Childminders can look after up to six children under eight years at any one time.  Most childminders will provide care from 8am to 6pm. Some childminders will work early mornings, evenings and weekends as well.


Childminders and other adults living in the home must be checked to make sure they have no history of offences against children. The childminder's home is also inspected to make sure it is safe, secure and suitable for children.  An Ofsted inspector will make sure children in the childminder’s care are safe, well looked-after and are taking part in activities to help their learning and development. 

Ofsted repeats these checks on registered childminders on a regular basis, to view a copy of these reports please visit the Ofsted website

Finding a childminder

To find a childminder:

How to apply for a place

You can apply for a place by contacting the childminder directly and asking them about vacancies. 

Further information

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