Day nurseries

Private day nurseries offer both full and part-time care for children under the age of five.

At a day nursery, your child will be able to socialise and make friends as well as build their social skills and increase their educational development through activities such as art, crafts, music, book sharing and sand and water play. 

Opening hours

Most nurseries are open all year round except public holidays. Opening times are different for each nursery and can be viewed on the Family Services Directory.

Safety checks

All private day nurseries must be registered with Ofsted.  They will make sure:

  • The staff are suitable to look after children 
  • The nursery premises are safe and secure        

Ofsted carry out regular inspections at all day nurseries; to view a copy of these reports please visit the Ofsted website.


The average cost of a nursery place in Warrington is £38 per day and £166 per week. Some nurseries will include food, infant formula and nappies in this cost.  Nurseries may offer a sibling discount and sometimes the price for a full weeks care can be cheaper than the daily rate. 

Many day nurseries offer free sessions for three and four year olds - this is called the free early years entitlement (FEYE), visit the FEYE section for more information. Some nurseries also offer free sessions for a limited number of eligible two year olds who have fulfilled the criteria for two year old funding. For more information please visit the 2 year old section.

Finding a day nursery

To find a day nursery:

How to apply for a place

You can apply for a place by contacting the nursery directly and asking them for a copy of their application form.  They will tell you about their admissions policy and inform you when a place is available for your child.

Further information

For more information please view the documents on the right hand side of this page.

For information on nursery schools in Warrington please visit the nursery admissions section.


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