Childcare in your home


Nannies look after children of any age in the family home.  They are usually flexible with their working hours which is helpful if you need someone to look after your children when other types of childcare are not available.

Nannies do not need to be registered or inspected by Ofsted, but they can become registered under the Ofsted voluntary childcare register (home childcarers).


A babysitter looks after children of any age in the family home usually for a short time.  Most babysitters are friends or relatives who baby-sit as a favour whilst parents enjoy an evening out or have to work late.

Babysitters are not a form of registered childcare. Parents and carers using a babysitter are responsible for ensuring that the person they choose is suitable and responsible enough to care for their children especially if the babysitter is under 16.  

Finding a nanny or a babysitter

The Families Information Service has a list of registered childminders who are willing to baby-sit and also a nanny agencies list. Call 01925 443322 for information.

Further Information

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