Register to vote

The way you register to vote has changed over the past few years.  You must now register yourself individually, which you can do online:

Register to vote now

You need to provide your national insurance number and date of birth.

Who can register to vote

You can register if: 

  • you are 16+ years old (however you can't vote until you are 18)
  • you live in the UK (there are some exceptions for people living abroad)
  • you are a British or Irish citizen, a Commonwealth citizen or citizen of a European Union member state

Find out more about who can vote on the Electoral Commission website, including a full list of qualifying EU countries, Commonwealth countries, British Overseas Territories and British Crown Dependencies [pdf].

Postal or proxy voting

You need to be registered to vote to be able to use a postal or proxy vote.

Moving home

If you have moved, you'll need to re-register to vote.

Living abroad

If you live overseas you can apply to register as an overseas elector.

The two versions of the electoral register 

  • The full register has the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote. Anyone can look at it by making an appointment at the Town Hall but it is only supplied for certain purposes such as law enforcement. Credit reference agencies are allowed to use this version but only to verify your details. 
  • The open register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose. You can choose not to appear on this version by indicating when you register or by emailing us: This will not affect your voting rights or credit status. 

To check if you are registered or to make an appointment to view the current electoral register please email us: The electoral register can also be viewed at Warrington Library.

Household enquiry form

Each year we send out a household enquiry form to every address in Warrington.  This is for you to confirm who lives in your home and is eligible to vote.  You should:

  • tell us the name and nationality of everyone aged 16 or over
  • tell us if there are no eligible residents, and why
  • cross out the name(s) of anyone listed on the form who is no longer living there
  • tell us if your nationality has changed
  • tell us if you are now over 70 years old
  • include your email address and phone number, if you'd like to (This is optional - we only use this information in connection with your registration, and it means we can contact you if there's a problem).

Knowing this information means we can invite other residents to register to vote if we need to. You should complete and return the form to us by post or online.  Returning the form doesn't mean that you are now registered to vote, you must still register yourself on the GOV.UK website.

If you have lost your form call the elections team on 01925 442184 for a replacement.

More information 

Further details about voting are available on the GOV.UK website

Not being registered to vote can also impact on applications for mortgages or mobile phones since credit reference agencies use the register to validate applications. 

There is a criminal penalty for failing to provide the information required by the Household Enquiry Form to the Electoral Registration Officer of a maximum of £1,000. The penalty for providing false information to an Electoral Registration Officer is imprisonment of up to six months or a fine (on summary conviction) of a maximum of £5,000.