The council's emergency plans

Our business continuity plans

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 places a duty on the council to establish and maintain business continuity plans to make sure we can continue to deliver the most critical of our everyday services in the event of an emergency, as well as our emergency response functions. 

We must also make sure that organisations delivering services on our behalf (care to elderly people for example) or which underpin our service provision (for example IT and telecommunications providers) can deliver to the extent we would require in the event of an emergency. Therefore, we ensure that the council's contractors and service providers also have business continuity plans in place.

The council has developed service-level business continuity and recovery plans.  Each council directorate has ensured that adequate recovery plans are in place for all critical functions and the main corporate critical functions are included in the corporate business continuity plan.

In the future, we will be validating these plans through an exercise programme and developing an internal staff training programme. Lessons learned from these events will lead to a review of plans.

The council has also developed a corporate flu pandemic plan and has procedures in place to deal with a fuel shortage.