Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities policy statement

Warrington Borough Council formally recognises the principles of the Race Relations Act 1975, the Sex Discrimination Acts of 1975 and 1986, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and other relevant legislation. 

The council will endeavour to ensure that women, disabled and ethnic members of the community are fairly represented throughout the range of employment opportunities that exist within the authority.  It also recognises that there are other minority groups which are subject to discriminatory treatment in employment, for example the gay and lesbian community and ex-offenders.  Members of such groups will receive fair and equitable treatment by this council.

The council is therefore committed to the implementation of a comprehensive policy to achieve equal opportunities both in entry to employment and subsequent treatment in employment for all. 

To this end, the council will:

  1. Provide the necessary resources to implement this policy through a code of practice; and to monitor activities on a regular basis to ensure that the policy becomes an intrinsic part of the Council's Corporate Image
  2. Distribute and publicise the Policy statement and Code of Practice throughout the Authority and will take steps to ensure that all those responsible for making employment selection decisions (whether on recruitment, training or promotion) receive instruction on their operation.
  3. Review periodically its selection criteria and procedures to maintain a system where individuals are selected, promoted and treated solely on the basis of their merits and abilities which are appropriate to the job.
  4. Provide facilities for any employees who believes that he or she has been treated unfairly within the realms of this policy and the code of practice, to raise the matter through the appropriate grievance procedure.
  5. Provide training opportunities for employees to gain new skills and abilities, which will benefit both the Authority and the individual.
  6. Make clear that any employee of the Borough Council found to be acting in a manner contrary to the Council's Equal Opportunities Code of Practice will be liable to disciplinary action being taken against them in accordance with the Council's procedures.

Warrington Borough Council also recognises its obligations under Section 6 of the Disability Discrimination Act, to make reasonable adjustments to employment practices and the physical environment, in order to overcome substantial disadvantages faced by disabled workers.