The Mayor's role and history


Writing to the mayor

Letters to the Mayor of Warrington should be addressed:

The Mayor of Warrington
Mayor's Parlour
Town Hall
Warrington WA1 1UH

and begin… Dear Madam Mayor

(Or, if you'd like to invite the Mayor to an event, you can do this online)

Speaking to the mayor

When addressing the mayor: "Madam Mayor"

General protocol

  • The mayor always has precedence in the borough of Warrington, except in the presence of the Queen, or Her representative
  • The mayor and consort should be met immediately upon arrival by the person responsible for the event, and introduce her to the host/company. The organiser of the event or a designated person and should accompany the mayor and consort throughout the event.
  • Unless the mayor occupies the Chair, she should be seated on the immediate right of the person presiding and the consort on the right of the mayor
  • Except for an introduction, it is normal that the mayor should be the first speaker
  • To announce the mayor: The Worshipful the Mayor of the Borough of Warrington, Councillor Karen Elizabeth Mundry"
  • The correct form of address when speaking to the mayor is "Madam Mayor"