The Mayor's role and history

The role of the Mayor

The formal election of the Mayor of Warrington takes place during the annual meeting of Full Council at the town hall, usually during the month of May. The term of office lasts for one year.

A deputy mayor is appointed to assist the Mayor throughout the year and it is usual for the deputy to succeed to the Mayor the following year.


The mayor is required to preside over full meetings of the Council. As first citizen of the borough, the Mayor also offers an official welcome to visitors to the town and acts as official host on occasions of civic hospitality.

Promoting the town

The mayor plays a key role in promoting the town and can play an important role to encourage business and commerce to the area.  The mayor also helps to promote many local initiatives, which can attract shoppers and tourists from a wider area. 


Throughout the year the mayor attends many civic events, and other community events too. The mayor is president of around 15 local organisations, involving attendance at annual general meetings and giving support throughout the year. During the year, the mayor attends numerous engagements including many community events and annual civic events.

As well as attending at various charity events within the community, the mayor runs a charity appeal during their term of office.

The newly appointed mayor selects a Mayor’s Chaplain who traditionally offers spiritual guidance to the mayor, and takes part in the annual civic service which traditionally takes place at St Elphin’s Parish Church.