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The Mayor's Circle - The Future

The circle logo

The Circle is an initiative by the Mayor of Warrington, Cllr Faisal Rashid, to help turn Warrington into an entrepreneurs' hub, creating unique business opportunities for the people, and becoming an economically stronger and more socially active community.

There are three strands to the Circle:

  • Business - Economic development - Supporting and promoting local businesses, helping young entrepreneurs, bringing investment and creating jobs.
  • Culture and sport - Community cohesion - Holding year-round cultural events, bringing cultures together, creating cultural awareness and promoting health and wellbeing.
  • Charity - Socially active community - Supporting local charities.

Read the Mayor's presentation about The Circle [pdf] or watch the Mayor's video about The Circle:

How to get involved

Local businesses are invited to apply for Circle membership by donating to the Mayor's charities.  There are two types of membership, which will last for the mayoral year (May 2016 - May 2017). The two memberships offer different potential benefits:

Platinum membership (Donation: £500+)
Your business will potentially be featured:
Gold membership (Donation: £300+)
Your business will potentially be featured:
- In the Mayor's Warrington Guardian blog
- On the Mayor's website
- On the Mayor's facebook and twitter profiles
- On the Mayor's facebook and twitter profiles
- In the Essential Guide
- In Warrington Worldwide
- In South Warrington News
- In EITHER the Essential Guide, OR Warrington Worldwide OR South Warrington News
- On Wire FM news
- On Radio Warrington
- On EITHER Wire FM news OR Radio Warrington
- In town hall engagement events
- As an exclusive partner for other events
- In town hall engagement events
- On a sponsors banner
All members will also be presented with a plaque, have a photo opportunity with the Mayor and have their business promoted through marketing material

To sign up for The Circle membership, contact the Mayor's Office via email

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions.