Facts and figures for Warrington

Warrington's population

Warrington's resident population now stands at 209,700 (mid-year estimate 2017, rounded to the nearest hundred). This represents an increase of 900 (0.4%) from the 2016 estimates.

The population can be broken down as follows:

  • Total: 209,700
  • Males: 104,100
  • Females: 105,600

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Figures are rounded to the nearest 100 and therefore percentages may not sum to 100.

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Useful resources:

Local ward information

A series of ward profiles have been created for each of the 22 wards in Warrington. The profiles contain a variety of information including key statistics about population, ethnicity, qualifications, crime and lots more

Information can also be found on the NOMIS website.

Warrington Borough Profile [pdf] – This document summarises information about people in Warrington. This includes age, ethnicity, country of birth, health, economic activity, deprivation, crime and the main Acorn groups within the borough.

LGA Research Report - Demographic Report

The aim of this report is to provide users with quick and easy access to all the metrics contained in the collection and present this in a variety of charts, tables and maps.

This report provides an overview of the mid-year population estimates for England for 2017 taken from the Mid-Year Population Estimates published by the Office for National Statistics. Data in this report is updated annually in June of each year. http://lginform.local.gov.uk/reports/view/lga-research/lga-research-report-demographic-report?mod-area=E92000001

LG Inform are the national voice of local government, working with councils to support, promote and improve. https://www.local.gov.uk/

Neighbourhood profiles

The neighbourhood profiles provide a picture of life for each of the five neighbourhood areas.  The information has been presented  in a visual and easy to use format through maps, tables and graphs.

For more information please visit their web page