Warrington has a widespread network of cycle routes with new routes being added all the time. Improvements are also being made to our roads to make them safer and easier for cyclists to use.

Our cycle map has been updated for 2017 and now includes a plan of all the signed routes around town to help you plan your journeys.  

Because Warrington is relatively flat and compact, most places are within easy cycling distance to each other. 

Did you know?

  • Cycling is good for your heart - people who cycle regularly not only enjoy the fitness levels those 10 years younger, but research has shown that they usually live longer too. Regular cycling will make your heart stronger and your lungs more efficient. 
  • Cycling helps weight control - cycling on a regular basis will help to turn your body into a fat burning machine! The more you exercise, the more fat burning enzymes you produce and these burn calories even when you are resting! A 15 minute cycle to and from work five times a week will burn the equivalent of ¾ stone in fat alone in one year!
  • Cycling helps the environment - do your bit for the environment, especially for those short journeys when you don't really need to take the car. Think about going to work on your bike a few times every week saving you money over the year and helping to cut down on damaging emissions. 
  • If you regularly cycle to work you may benefit from the Cycle2Work scheme which is promoted by the government. This allows any employer to help their employees acquire tax-free cycles through a salary sacrifice scheme. Find out more - cycle to work scheme guidance from the DfT [pdf]