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Warrington West Station

Latest News – 2 New Announcements

Funding bid
Further to the submission of a bid for New Station Funding in November 2016 to Network Rail, we have now been notified that we were successful in our application and are due to  receive £4.23 million pounds to support the station build. See the link below for the official announcement from the Department of Transport.

Planning Approval
The scheme was heard at Planning Committee on 19th July where the planning application was unanimously approved.

Works on Site
You may have noticed some activity on site recently, a ground investigation survey has taken place in the land between the housing developments and also a footpath from Sycamore Lane to the railway fence line has been installed, which will eventually form the emergency exit position from the south platform.

Consultation Events

Following the consultation events held earlier in the year we've now produced a report summarising our findings.

We received 308 responses to the questionnaire and found that three quarters of respondents were supportive of the station and would definitely use it. Meanwhile the majority of those not supporting the proposal tended to live nearer to Sankey for Penketh Station. 

The most commonly supported features of the proposal were ‘better links to Manchester/Liverpool/Warrington’, ‘Station design/facilities’, and ‘increased service frequency’.

Whilst levels of support for the proposed station are very high, some issues were identified by residents which are summarised below together with the actions we've taken following your concern:

You said - You were concerned about the reduction in service levels at Sankey for Penketh station.
We did - We re-affirmed a commitment to continue to lobby the rail industry for improvements to the proposed service levels at Sankey-for-Penketh station.

You said - You were concerned about anti social driving in the station car park.
We did - We've redesigned the layout of the car park to encourage safer movement of vehicles.

You said - The car park entrance was too close to residential properties.
We did - We've redesigned the car park and moved the access point away from homes on Belvedere Drive.

You said - The requirement to travel from Sankey for Penketh to the new station during off peak was unappealing.
We did - We've commissioned design work to consider improvements to the walking and cycling route.

You said - You were concerned about the impact of rail users parking on nearby streets.
We did - We're investigating the extent and arrangement for traffic regulation orders to minimise parking on neighbouring residential streets.

These changes have been incorporated into the last planning application submitted at the start of May. We're hopeful that a decision will be made in July 2017.

The Detail 

We've been developing proposals to improve rail services in West Warrington through the construction of a new station on land to the South of Chapelford Urban Village.

In the last five years total passenger numbers at Warrington's six stations have increased by 28% with a particular growth in travel to and from the West Warrington area due to new housing developments and larger employment bases at places like Omega and Lingley Mere.

In 2013 we consulted residents and local stakeholders on the plans for a new station. Exhibitions were held in Chapelford, Penketh and the town centre alongside a leaflet drop to nearby households in West Warrington and an online questionnaire. The response was very clear, with 86% of people in favour of a new station being built at Chapelford.

Over the last two years we've been keen to deal with any concerns or issues raised in 2013. The biggest concern centred on the future of Sankey for Penketh Station, with a number of residents worried that the station may close. After lobbying the rail industry very hard over recent months, we can confirm that the station won’t close as a result of the new Warrington West Station and will remain open with a peak hour service only.

What do the plans include now?

Over the past two years we've been working with Network Rail developing the original ideas into more detailed proposals.

We're eager to create a high quality station which promotes public transport and enhances the built environment in Chapelford and neighbouring residential areas. 

The key elements of the new station are:

  • High quality station building which echoes local history with a building design based on an 'aircraft hanger’.
  • A staffed station to improve customer service and promote safety and security. 
  • Three trains per hour will stop at the station, one limited stop and one stopper.
  • High quality, easy access for cyclists and pedestrian station users.
  • Safe, secure and convenient cycle parking.
  • Good interchange with current and future bus services. 
  • Space for drop off and taxis.  A large, secure pay and display car park with approximately 250 spaces including CCTV and lighting.

When will the station open?

We'll be managing the overall project, with Balfour Beatty appointed as Principal Contractor. Consultants Aecom will design the station itself. 

We're currently reviewing the delivery programme for the scheme. We'll post updates on this page very soon. 

If you require any further information, please contact us via email to