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This part of the website applies to you if you are a ‘professional’ working with or caring for children and young people in an employed or voluntary capacity. This includes people whose job brings them into contact with children infrequently or on an ad-hoc basis, such as ambulance drivers or clergy.  This section is about sharing information in order to assist professionals in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We hope you will find the information useful.

  1. If you want to understand how to respond to a safeguarding concern you have as a professional please see the Warrington Thresholds of Need Document[LR1] .  This has been designed to explain how to best meet the additional needs and vulnerabilities of individual children and the actions required to meet those needs.
  2. If you have received or have a concern about a professional then please refer to Allegations against Professionals / Carers.  Or you can speak to a Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) on 01925 442079 to discuss your concerns.
  3. If you have received a request for information in relation to a child death then please see the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) procedures for guidance in section 5 of the online procedures – click here
  4. Any professional working with a family, such as those based in schools, health services, or in voluntary sector organisations, can offer early help services by responding to identified needs in order to offer advice, support and intervention. Early Help works best when it is offered to the whole family and when services are delivered jointly by professionals. Early Help is everyone’s business. You can find out more in Early Help e-booklet [pdf] which contains information including what the service provides, children centres, education, childcare and support for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).
  5. General Resources: Warrington Borough Council My Life Warrington is an online directory, a one-stop-shop, of local services for residents, families and practitioners alike. It also includes a care cost calculator so that people with assets or savings can estimate the cost contribution to their care. The website is now the single point of information and resources for many services.
  6. Child Safeguarding Practice Review - safeguarding partners for an area must make arrangements to identify and review serious child safeguarding cases which, in their view, raise issues of importance in relation to their area. We will publish these below as they become available:
    1. Child R SCR – Coming soon

Below are some further links available nationally that may assist you.  However, if you are a professional and cannot find what you are looking for please call or email the team on safeguardingpartnerships@warrington.gov.uk or call 01925 443126

Useful Links:

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) helpline

  • 0800 028 3550

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Templates for Safeguarding Policies for non-statutory organisations