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Care plans and case reviews

Case reviews for children in care

What is a care plan?

A care plan says what children and young people’s services, your family and other agencies will do to support your health, education, religion and culture. Your care plan will make sure that you keep in contact with people who are important to you.

Case reviews 

Your case will be reviewed to make sure that plans are in place to ensure your safety and welfare.

Case reviews also:

  • ensure plans are being progressed effectively
  • ensure that communication take place, to monitor the progress of the plan
  • change the plan if needed 

The review process is your chance to ask questions about adult actions and for the you to have your say.  The review meeting should not be used for adults to talk about your behaviour but as a place to talk about your care arrangements.

Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)

It is a legal requirement that an Independent Reviewing Officer or IRO is appointed for each child in care.  The main jobs of an IRO is to manage your case review this includes managing your review meetings, monitoring your case and meeting with you on their own.

They are responsible for making sure that:

  • your care plan is right for you based on good assessments
  • your wishes and feelings are listened to and taken seriously
  • any disagreements are dealt with
  • any complaints are listened to and taken seriously
  • the plan covers all aspects of your care
  • a written record is made of what is talked about and an action list is made of the things people have agreed to do to support you
  • that between review meetings that people are doing what they agreed to do 

The government created the role of the independent reviewing officer (IRO) with the intention of protecting the human rights of children who are in care. 

To be an IRO the government says the person must have qualified as a social worker, be registered with the General Social Care Council and have substantial experience in child care practice.