Wise Up Awards

Celebrating the work of Warrington’s schools in raising awareness of the message to stop bullying and report hate crime

The ‘Wise Up’ initiative is led by the Warrington Hate Crime and Incident Partnership Board, supported by Warrington Borough Council and Cheshire Police. The scheme was launched in 2014 to promote awareness of hate crime in schools and to reward actions to combat bullying and hate crime.

Wise Up is an annual awards scheme that looks to recognise and celebrate the excellent work that Warrington schools are doing to tackle the issues of bullying and hate crime. To be part of the Wise Up Awards, school councils are invited to submit a completed questionnaire that invites them to share the work they are doing. Schools are then invited to attend the Wise Up Awards Ceremony where they are presented with Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards. Platinum and Gold awards are presented to schools which demonstrated outstanding practice.

All the schools who enter demonstrate they understand the importance of creating a safe environment in their school, where children can be free of bullying, especially those who may have a disability, be from another ethnic background or religion, have a different sexual orientation (LGB) or were transgender or gender non-conforming. 

Wise Up! School Awards 2018-19

The Wise Up Awards took place on Wednesday 13 February 2019 at The Gateway. A total of 31 schools were awarded and all schools demonstrated the importance of creating a safe environment where children can be free from bullying or hate crime.

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Pip Horne at Warrington Speak Up, call 01925 246 888 or email pip.speakup@gmail.com

The council, email: businessintelligence@warrington.gov.uk