History of Warrington's villages and parishes

History of Burtonwood and Winwick


The name Burtonwood is likely to come from 'Burton', which means a 'tun' by a fortified manor. There was also a wood, which was an extensive forest, in the 13th century, hence the name Burtonwood which, in its full meaning is the 'wood by the tun'.

Burtonwood is probably best known for RAF Burtonwood where the American Air Force was stationed during World War 2. The air base was the largest in Europe during the war, with control of over 35,000 men in total. Burtonwood saw visits from many famous people including Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Jimmy Cagney and Nat ‘King’ Cole amongst others.

The base was used during the Berlin Airlift, throughout the Cold War and its last major operational use was during the Desert Storm – the Gulf War. The RAF and the USAF, as well as the US Army used the air base, until much of it was demolished in the 1980s.  Part of its main runway now forms some of the M62 motorway.


Two thousand years before recordings in the Domesday survey, there were middle bronze age settlers at Winwick. The name is a mixture of an Anglian personal name 'Wineca' and the Old English 'wic' meaning 'dwelling place'. Therefore, the name Winwick means "the dwelling place of 'wineca'".