Support for disabled people leaving school

Travelling to the Future Introduction

This pack will help you to get ready to leave school. It will help you to think about your future and the support you may need.  Some of the information may also help as you think about leaving college. 

Getting ready to leave school or college is called transition. Some young people described transition as 'travelling to the future' and that's the name of this pack.

Transition can be a difficult time because you have big decisions to make. 

In this pack there is a lot of information about the different things you might need to know to help you make good decisions. 

For example you might be thinking about things like: 

  • Getting a job or going to college
  • Getting a social worker
  • Getting the right benefits
  • Where to live and getting the right support
  • Staying healthy and keeping safe
  • Where to go to make friends and have fun

You will have to make big decisions at different times in your life such as where you want to live and getting a job. We hope that this pack will give you the information that you need. 

How to use this pack

This is an easy to read and understand information pack. It is your right to have good information that makes sense to you. 

Each section has a name and each page has a number. This will help you to look at the pages that are important to you. 

In each page on the right-hand side we tell you how to get in touch with different places and groups. We give you: an address, a phone number, a website, an email address.