About the public health service

Public health services are the responsibility of local councils. This includes educating and promoting healthy lifestyles to the communities they serve as well as influencing how local health services are delivered. The services look to prevent illness and addresses the causes of ill-health such as lifestyle and poor living/ working conditions.

Other priorities for public health include disease prevention initiatives, routine immunisations, screenings and the promotion of good mental health. 

Warrington Public Health Service deliver three distinct areas of work:

  • public health improvement
  • public health protection
  • public health knowledge and intelligence

The health and wellbeing board and the Warrington Partnership

The health and well-being board provides strategic direction for local public health services.  The board is made up of councillors, allied health professionals, voluntary sector representation and GPs who have designated strategic responsibilities for public health.

To view information about the Warrington Health and well-being board visit the council's committee management information system (CMIS).

Find out more about the Warrington Partnership Board.

Public health improvement

The Health Improvement Team creates, develops and co-ordinates a wide range of projects, programmes and policies to improve and protect the health of the Warrington population.

Health Improvement aims to develop a consistent and sustainable approach to public health issues across the town by providing support, training, consultancy and advice to a wide range of professions and agencies. Core to the health improvement service is partnership working, particularly with Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, as well as with community and voluntary organisations.

The team is focused on preventing poor health in local communities by providing information about healthcare, ways of preventing ill health and creative and proactive approaches to health. The team also works hard to minimize the effects of health inequalities by proactively engaging within the more disadvantaged areas of Warrington.

The Health Improvement Team covers the following topics: 

  • healthy ageing
  • mental health
  • healthy weight and physical activity
  • substance misuse
  • sexual health
  • tobacco
  • cancer
  • healthy children and young people
  • suicide prevention

Public health protection  

Local authorities have a statutory duty to ensure plans are in place to protect the health of their population from all hazards, ranging from relatively minor outbreaks and contaminations, to full-scale emergencies, and to prevent as far as possible those threats emerging in the first place.

The role of public health protection is to commission infection control assurance service across Warrington, contribute to emergency planning, and liaise with planners to design a healthy Warrington.

To facilitate the work across partners, public health protection coordinate the Health Protection Forum for Warrington, contribute to health protection partnerships, and link with the Health Improvement team regarding community engagement and activities to support health protection.

Public health knowledge and intelligence  

The public health knowledge and intelligence team work to assess the health of the population of Warrington. The work of the team is used to identify health needs and health inequalities within the local population, set priorities, and inform strategic planning and commissioning.

The team has responsibility for leading on a range of different work areas including undertaking health needs assessments, health equity audits, and health impact assessments. The team produces various reports aimed at supporting decision making within the council and local partner agencies.

The team leads on the production of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) on behalf of the council, linking with the local NHS and other external partners to ensure that there is a top level, holistic view of need within the borough, which helps inform the effective long-term commissioning of services.

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