Healthy ageing

Independent living

There are many services available that may help an older person to maximise their independence and enable them to live a safe and comfortable life at home for as long as they wish. Some of the services such as equipment and ready meals can be purchased directly from suppliers and retailers.

Alternatively older people can contact Adult Social Care on 01925 443322 so they can discuss their needs and identify what services may help them.

Some services which can be accessed via Adult Social Care include:

  • Carecall social alarm service
  • Telecare
  • Home care
  • Support for people with sensory loss
  • Equipment and housing adaptations
  • Support with managing finances and benefit checks
  • Extra care housing
  • Support for carers

There are also a number of voluntary/third sector organisations which support people by offering information and advice or providing practical assistance to maximise benefits, provide equipment and adaptations, or help with shopping and other domestic activities for a short period of time.

These services can be accessed direct or via Adult Social Care:

  • Housing Plus
  • WHiA
  • Centre for Independent Living
  • The British Red Cross
  • Citizens Advice Bureau

Age proofing your home

Most people would prefer not to move from their home when they reach retirement age, therefore ‘age proofing’ their home is the best solution. Making simple changes gradually, in advance and while they can still afford to have the work done, will ensure maintenance issues and any costly alterations are carried out before becoming urgent.

For example:

  • Does the house need re-wiring or new windows?
  • Is the home is in need of alterations or updating, i.e. a new bathroom?
  • Think about making the garden easier to maintain
  • Transfer things that are used a lot to cupboards that are easily accessible so there is no need to climb or stretch too much.

Again, the above agencies can help you prepare your home for older age and help you to keep your independence and remain at home.