Affordable warmth

Affordable Warmth Plans

The Government has set some very stringent targets for the UK to move towards a low carbon economy and expects local authorities to support these by working with residents to help them to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  Local authorities are required to produce a HECA Report [pdf] every 2 years setting out the authorities’ plans and targets to help to deliver these aims. 

The Council has provided a summary report [pdf] detailing the achievements attained between 2013 and 2015.

Of particular concern to many residents is the significant rise in fuel bills since 2007 and these costs are likely to rise further as we continue to depend on fossil fuels to provide our heating, lighting and other electrical requirements.

There is also a link between cold homes and their impact on health.  Residents who are living in cold and poorly insulated homes may fall into fuel poverty, which can lead to social isolation, illness and excess winter mortality.

The council has produced an Affordable Warmth Strategy [pdf] setting out its plans for tackling poorly insulated dwellings in Warrington.  This strategy has been drawn up in consultation with Registered Housing Providers, many of which have a high proportion of vulnerable and elderly people on low incomes living in their housing stock.  Whilst many of the aims of the strategy are targeted at vulnerable residents, all residents will benefit from better insulated homes.