Safe and secure assistance

Generally safe and secure assistance [pdf] is targeted at the elderly or vulnerable household in order to provide assistance, with smaller, urgent works. 

There are two main types of safe and secure assistance:

  • to address certain hazards in the home, including essential and urgent repairs, and
  • minor disabled facilities adaptations, where this is considered to be more appropriate than through the more usual Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant process (this is following assessment by an Occupational Therapist from Social Services)    

Types of work provided under safe and secure assistance

Safe and Secure assistance is primarily aimed at reducing the risk of harm from potential hazards in the home caused by housing defects, poor design or internal arrangement.

Hazards may include:

  • risk from fire, risk from falls due to bad internal arrangement, electrical hazards, and hazards associated with damp and mould growth
  • also, certain types of housing defect can create serious health and safety hazards to the occupants. 

Examples of eligible works include:

  • Electrical rewiring, repairs to the roof, replacement floors, plumbing or drainage problems.

Level of assistance

Safe and secure assistance is limited to works costing no more than £5,000, with a limit of two applications amounting to a maximum of £7,000 in any three year period.

Who can apply

This assistance is available to owner-occupiers and private tenants. Applicants must have occupied their home as their only or main residence for at least three years immediately prior to the date of application for assistance, except in Renewal Areas, or where the works relate to means of escape in case of fire, or other fire precautions.

Applicants must be either:

  1. elderly (aged 60 or over), or 
  2. vulnerable (including the disabled, lone parent families with children under the age of 16 years, or 19 years if in full time education, low income families and the chronically infirm)    

And in receipt of certain specified means tested benefits, or their equivalents below: 

  • Income Support
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Working Families Tax Credit
  • Disabled Person’s Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit

How to apply

Contact private sector housing to apply or make an enquiry.

All requests for safe and secure assistance are assessed by the council’s inspecting officer using a government derived Housing Health and Safety Rating System, having regard to the nature of the occupier’s vulnerability. Under this scheme, hazards graded as "Category 1 or 2" qualify for assistance. 

Safe and secure assistance is discretionary and is subject to sufficient funding being available. Assistance is targeted at those in most housing need. 

All eligible applicants are assisted by Warrington Home Improvement & Information Agency, WHiA, who will prepare and submit your scheme for approval, and will employ a builder from their approved list to undertake the works on your behalf.