Review of discretionary fees and charges

Adult Social Care Review of discretionary fees and charges under the Care Act 2014

The consultation closes on 23 March 2018

Introduction of a new administration charge for self-funders:

The Council is considering introducing an administration charge for people who are in receipt of services in their own home or community and are self-funders. ‘Self-funders’ are those who do not receive a local authority contribution to their care costs due to their level of income or savings.

The Care Act 2014, allows for local authorities to set an administration charge for self-funders to cover the costs of arranging their care, making payments to providers of services and collecting the income from individuals. This charge should not exceed the costs of undertaking these activities.

At the start of February 2018, the Council was providing community based services for 269 individuals who were liable to pay the full cost of their care. It is proposed that from April 2018, the council will introduce an administration charge for arranging this care.  It is proposed that there will be an initial one-off set up fee of £50 and an ongoing charge of £4 per week for all self-funders in receipt of community services. (Note: The set-up fee will only be charged to new service users). The charge proposed is much lower than the cost of providing the service.

Self-funders who currently opt for the council to arrange their support benefit from the service that is available. The costs that these individuals pay for their care is based on set local authority charges, which is an average of the costs incurred and in the majority of cases, this is much lower than the costs actually paid to the provider.

Self-funders do have the option to arrange their own care and not require the local authority to do it on their behalf. The information available to help people to do this is currently being reviewed and will be updated soon. 

Continued non-charging for carers in receipt of carers services:

The Care Act also allows for local authorities to financially assess Carers and charge an ‘assessed charge’ to them dependent on their level of income and savings.  The Council does not currently charge for services provided to Carers and it is not proposed to introduce any charges currently.  The Council is aiming to increase the support provided to carers, and wants to provide support in a timely manner to support Carers in their role.  It is proposed therefore that at this point, no charges will be introduced; however the position will be kept under review.

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