Lymm May Queen Field - Proposed vehicle access

About the scheme:

The May Queen field at Mayfield View provides a great open space that hosts two festivals throughout the calendar year. In order to improve the current access to the space, we're proposing [pdf] an additional vehicle access. 

Lymm Parish Council

As part of the design of the proposals, our officers have met with representatives from Lymm Parish Council to progress the design. The following is a statement from the Parish Council on our proposals:

It's proposed by Lymm Parish Council, to create a second viable access for vehicles up to the size of vans (maximum weight 7.5 tonnes), which will allow ambulances to get onto the field but will exclude larger vehicles such as fair ground equipment. Pedestrians will have their own pathway which will be alongside the vehicle access for the May Queen field at the Mayfield View entrance. This will enable safe and convenient access onto the field at the Mayfield View entrance. The Parish Council has instigated this proposal from a health and safety point of view regarding events on the May Queen field. This will provide a much needed second access for the May Queen and Transport Day annual events.
Full access will be limited to set times during these events. When open the entrance gate will be under the control of event marshals.  All events will comply with and be under the guidance of, the Warrington Borough Council Event Safety Committee. At all other times the gated entrance for vehicles will be locked. There's no proposal for the foreseeable future to increase the number of events on the May Queen Field.
This access will provide facilities for vehicles and pedestrians to enter/exit the field safely throughout the course of these events and provide a key secondary access for the emergency services.

Before we progress with these works, we're your views on the proposals as detailed below to form part of any future funding bid applications, with a view to improving the access to this area.

Our proposals are:

Subject on your feedback and securing funding, we're proposing to construct the following improvements.

  • Construction of a new vehicular access off Mayfield View
  • Construction of new fence line and gate to secure the field

Our illustrations [pdf] show the types of new facilities that could be provided if we’re successful in securing the necessary funding.

Have your say:

To let us know what you think we have a short survey which we'd like you to complete.  Q1 to Q5 relate to the scheme, Q6 – 17 are discretionary and the whole survey will only take a few minutes of your time. 

The consultation will start on 23 November 2018 and close on 3 December 2018.  Remember that you're not obliged to complete any question that you don't want to – please only complete those you're happy to answer.

Your response will be confidential and the survey process complies with the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Please return completed forms to the following address:-
Lymm Mayqueen (Ref H18-013-001)
IDS Consultation Nov 2018
Buttermarket Street