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BT Payphone Consultation

BT instigated a formal consultation process in September 2016 regarding their programme of intended public payphone removals. They identified and proposed the removal of 39 public payphones in Warrington. Out of these 39 public payphones, 6 were red phone boxes. There were no statutory listed red phone boxes proposed for removal.

Warrington Borough Council conducted two public consultation exercises during November and January 2017, in line with Ofcom’s guidance and procedures, and we can now publish the final response.

The consultation asked if the public agreed or objected to the removal of each proposed payphone. It also gave the opportunity for Parish Council’s or local community groups to adopt the red phone boxes identified for removal.

The council’s final decision is based on all consultation feedback made by the public, parish councils, community groups and councillors. It also considered information regarding payphone usage, the local area and proximity of other payphones. The final notification can be found below.

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