Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership

A legal Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership must be completed by both partners to the superintendent registrar of the district in which they have lived for at least the previous nine days.

If both partners live in Warrington their Notices will be given at Warrington Register Office. Please call the register office to make an appointment.

If both partners live in different districts then the notices will be given in two separate areas.

After giving notice a period of 28 full days must elapse before the marriage or civil partnership can take place (for example, if notice is given on 1 June, the legal ceremony cannot take place until at the least 30th June).

This notice period may in certain circumstances be extended to a maximum of 70 days where one of both of the parties is subject to immigration control.

Documents you will need to produce at your appointment:

Proof of your nationality:

  • Your valid passport (or if you do not have a passport you may bring your birth certificate. If you were born on or after 1st January 1983 and do not have a passport you will need to present your birth certificate and the birth certificate or passport of your biological or adopted mother. Provided your parents were married at the time of your birth, you may instead present the birth certificate or passport of your biological / adopted father AND his marriage certificate to your mother). If you are from an EEA member state or Switzerland you may instead present your National Identity Card

Proof of your immigration status (if applicable):

  • If you are neither British, from an EEA member state nor Swiss, you will need to prove your immigration status. If you have Right of Abode in the UK or Diplomatic status you will need to show the relevant Home Office endorsement in your passport. (If you have neither Right of Abode nor Diplomatic Status your Registrar will advise you of exactly what documents are required when you call to book your notice appointment)

Proof of your current address: 

  • One of the following documents is acceptable: a driving licence, a utility bill (dated no more than three months before your appointment), a council tax bill (dated no more than one month before the date of your appointment, a mortgage statement (dated no more than one year before your appointment), or a current residential tenancy agreement 

Proof of ending of a previous marriage or civil partnership (if applicable):

  • If divorced you will need to present the decree absolute from your most recent marriage (showing the original court stamp)
  • If your previous civil partnership was dissolved you will need to present a document confirming the dissolution of the civil partnership granted by a court of civil jurisdiction in the UK
  • If widowed you will need to bring the death certificate of your former spouse

Note: if you were divorced or have had a civil partnership dissolved outside of the British Isles, please ask your Registrar for advice on acceptable documentation when booking your appointment. There will be an additional charge of up to £75.00 for consideration of overseas divorce / dissolution documentation.

Evidence of name change (if applicable):

  • If you have ever had a formal name change you will be asked to present the legal document showing the change (for example, a deed poll document)

The fee for giving notice is currently £35.00 per person (if giving your notice at Warrington Register Office, please be advised that only cash or credit / debit card payments are accepted).

Please note, all documentation must be original. Photocopies will not be accepted. If you fail to produce any of the required documentation at your notice appointment your appointment will have to be remade which may cause a delay in proceedings.

Important points to note:

  • Notice cannot be given by anyone else other than the couple themselves.
  • If you are under 18 years old you may need the consent of your parents or guardians before you can get married or form a civil partnership. Please call the register office for further information.