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On this page you will find policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding Adults within Warrington alongside practice guidance as it is produced by the WSAB.  If you can’t find something please email safeguardingpartnerships@warrington.gov.uk with your request so we can see what we might be able to provide.

Below you will find things separated out into Policies, Procedures, Practice Guidance or Relevant Board Information.


North West Adults Safeguarding Policy [pdf]

This document provides the principles and expectations on agencies and professionals in Warrington in relation to Safeguarding Adults.  It is a statement of expectations of all WSAB partners and professionals operating within the area.

These documents provides an overview of the area’s expectations of agencies and professionals when working with cases of self-neglect. You will also find resources designed to support you in practice.   


The documents below represent specific guidance on what happens within Warrington when Safeguarding Adult’s at Risk procedures are implemented. You can either access these as a full download document from the top of the list or simply access the section you wish to view further below. The document offers guidance on how to trigger processes in Warrington alongside things to consider for Safeguarding Strategy Meetings.

Full Procedures 2016 [pdf]

  • Section 1 – Introduction [pdf]: An overview of the new requirements, MSP and procedure review plans. 
  • Section 2 – Abuse & Neglect [pdf]: Outlines types of abuse, eligibility and responsibilities. 
  • Section 3 – Understanding your Role and how safeguarding fits in [pdf]: Provides an overview of health roles, regulated services, whistleblowing, disciplinary procedures, Carers, Out of areas placements, historic allegations, deaths, SARs, serious incident investigations and Duty of Candour. 
  • Section 4 – Identifying and raising a safeguarding concern [pdf]: Outlines how to respond to a concern from raising it to preserving evidence.  This includes steps required when the alleged perpetrator is a member of staff or adult at risk. Alongside this it offers a reminder of Information Sharing guidelines. 
  • Section 5 – Making Decisions about safeguarding concerns [pdf]: Outlines how referrals will be responded to including expected processes and alternative responses that can emerge 
  • Section 6 – Planning and undertaking enquiries and/or other investigations [pdf]: Provides guidance in relation to how the scope and lead for the enquiry is decided alongside the purpose of strategy meetings/discussions.  This includes information on preparing for a safeguarding meeting.
  • Section 7 – Safeguarding Plans & Conclusions [pdf]:  This will offer an overview of plans and how these will be monitored and outcomes reported to the Adult involved.
  • Appendix A – Prompts and Other considerations [pdf]: Looks at key questions about the planning, others at risk, the adult, the alleged perpetrator and representatives.  This offers an understanding of the things that need to be considered for each aspect.  
  • Appendix B – Target Timescales [pdf]: Outlines the expectations on timescales reporting, investigating and meetings (to be read in conjunction with Section 5.3) 

Practice Guidance:

The document below is the detailed practice guidance designed to be consulted alongside the procedures above. The document has been set up with a detailed contents section so you can click on a sections title and go straight to the section you are interested in.  Each section provides some guidance and reference to relevant legislation for that topic area.

SAR and Learning Review Documents

Please find below Warrington’s SAR guidance and all published SAR and Learning documents

Relevant Board Information: