Bus passes

Bus passes for older people

If you've reached the state pension age and live in Warrington, you can apply for a national concessionary travel pass.

You can choose to have EITHER an older person's bus pass OR a senior railcard.

When will I be eligible?

The date that a man and woman qualify for an older person's bus pass is the same date that a woman qualifies for state pension.  If you were born on or before 5 May 1952 you already qualify for a state pension and you can apply for your bus pass at any time if you haven't already

If you were born after 5 May 1952, check the date you'll be eligible for an older person's bus pass by checking the date you qualify for a state pension.

Alternatively, you can download the state pension eligibility timetable [pdf]

Is there a charge for the pass?

No, the bus pass is issued free of charge. There's a £10 charge to replace your bus pass if you've lost it, but we'll replace a stolen bus pass free of charge (see below).

When can I use my bus pass?

On bus journeys starting or ending in Cheshire, Halton and Warrington:

  • Monday - Friday before 9.30am: Full fare
  • Monday - Friday between 9.30am - midnight: Free
  • Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: Free 

These same concessions apply to Dial-a-Ride within Cheshire, and journeys on bus services going into Wales (providing the journey starts or ends in Cheshire, Halton or Warrington).

On bus journeys in the rest of England:

  • Monday - Friday between 9.30am – 11pm: Free
  • Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday: Free
  • All other times: Full adult fare (unless advised otherwise locally) 

Please note: Your pass is not valid for use on trains, trams, underground services, tours and excursions, sightseeing buses or National Express / coach services.

How do I apply?

Alternatively you can contact us and we'll send you an application form. 

When you apply you must tell us:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Your gender and date of birth 

At the time of your application you must also provide:

  • proof of residence (dated within 3 months)
  • proof of age / identity 
  • one passport size quality photograph.  Alternatively we can take your picture for you if you apply in person at Contact Warrington, Horsemarket Street, at a cost of £3.

All bus passes will be issued by post direct to your home address, usually within 21 working days of receipt of your application.

Your bus pass will be valid for up to a maximum of 5 years.  

How do I renew my bus pass?

If your details are the same as on your original application you can renew your bus pass online. This will take approximately five minutes to complete and will produce your new bus pass automatically, which will then be posted out to you. If you don't have access to a computer please visit your local library, neighbourhood hub or Contact Warrington.

You can also visit Contact Warrington or the bus interchange and bring your renewal letter and current bus pass to enable us to complete the online process on your behalf. 

Please note: Keep your current pass until the new pass arrives, the new bus pass will be posted your home address within 14 days - It's never been so easy! 

Lost passes

A charge of £10 will be applied for a replacement pass and will be processed within 24 hours after the receipt of payment.

Unfortunately refunds can't be given if you find your old pass before you receive your new one. However if your lost pass is found by a member of the public and returned to Contact Warrington before you've applied for a replacement, we'll post your pass out to you.

If your original pass is found after the issue of your replacement, you must return the original pass to the council for secure disposal. 

Stolen passes

Stolen passes will be replaced free of charge as long as you're able to provide a copy of the crime letter issued by the police.

If your original pass is found after the issue of your replacement, you must return the original pass to the council for secure disposal. 

Moving in or out of Warrington

If you're moving to Warrington you'll need to apply for a new pass from us and return your previous pass to your old authority. Similarly if you're moving out of Warrington, you must return your bus pass to us and apply for a new pass from your new council. 

Bus pass holders who live outside Warrington

If you're visiting Warrington and have an over 60s bus pass issued by another English council, you're entitled to the following concessions on bus services in Cheshire, Halton and Warrington:

  • Monday to Friday, between 9.30am-11pm: Free
  • Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday: Free
  • All other times: Full adult fare

Other local concessions such as discounts before 9.30am and travel into Wales are only available to Cheshire residents.