Bus passes

Special educational needs transport

Students between age 5 - 16

If it's agreed that your child has a special transport need, the council may provide travel assistance in one of a variety of ways:

  • bus or rail pass
  • bicycle allowance
  • shared minibus or taxi
  • direct payment

You need to be aware that if you decide to send your child to a school further away than the nearest appropriate school, with available places, travel assistance will not be provided.

All applications will be assessed against the criteria laid out in the Home to School Transport Policy [pdf]. If it's decided that your child is not eligible then their case will be assessed by the Sen Transport Panel [pdf]

Students aged 17 or over

We may make arrangements to subsidise transport for students who attend sixth form or college but only under exceptional circumstances, such as when the child, sibling and/or one of or both parents/carers have a significant disability that would prevent the child from getting to school safely. Exceptional circumstances can also be when the family has limited resources to get their child to school. Resources include:

  • lack of finances
  • no family or friends to take the child to school
  • no access to a vehicle 

Each application will be considered by the SEN Transport Panel. You can find out more in the annual transport policy statement [pdf].

Children in nursery

We may also provide transport assistance  for children in nursery but only under exceptional circumstances, as mentioned above.

All applications will be assessed against the criteria laid out in the Home to School Transport Policy [pdf]  and each application will be assessed by the  SEN Transport Panel [pdf]

How to apply

To apply, print off the SEN transport application form [pdf], complete it and send it back to us via the address provided in the form.

For more information about school transport for children with special educational needs, please contact Integrated Services on 01925 442917 or email sentransport@warrington.gov.uk.