Birchwood pinchpoint project

Latest news

The Birchwood pinchpoint project is now complete and fully open to traffic. Snags have been addressed and the landscaping regime is well advanced. Traffic surveys are in hand to check on the performance of the three junctions.

Project background 

The council secured Growth Deal funding from the government and the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership to deliver phase one of the Warrington East transport strategy known as the Birchwood pinchpoint project. The total cost of the scheme is £5.23 million. 

The Birchwood pinchpoint project provides improvements at the Oakwood Gate ('dog bone') roundabout,  Moss Gate roundabouts and a new bus only link between Ordnance Avenue and Faraday Street.

These transport improvements will reduce the high levels of congestion at these junctions as well as improve journey times along the A574 corridor. The project will also improve safety for all users including pedestrians and cyclists and improve bus journey times to and from the Birchwood Park area.

Details of the scheme are as follows:

Oakwood Gate ‘Dog bone’ junction. The main proposal was to introduce full time signals at the Birchwood Way eastbound approach to the junction, which will help to address peak time congestion.

The junction is now fully operational and peak hour queues have been reduced. The outstanding works include top soiling and grass reseeding which is scheduled for April.

Moss Gate roundabout. The previous Moss Gate roundabout has been converted into a four way signalised junction. This will help to reduce peak time delays and improve access in to and out of Birchwood Park. There are new crossing points for pedestrians as well as the introduction of advanced stop lines for cyclists enabling safer cycling connections between the Business Park and the residential areas to the south.  This is a significant improvement to the existing junction and will result in benefits to both residents and workers.  

The junction is now fully operational and already it has been noticed that peak hour queues have reduced. 

Faraday Street bus link. The new bus link between Faraday Street roundabout and Ordnance Avenue was open to bus services on 31 May. It will allow shorter and faster bus journeys between north and south Birchwood for services 17C, 25 and 28 as well as the Birchwood Park shuttle buses.

No other vehicles will be permitted to use the bus gate. This will be enforced through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras with penalty charge notices issued to drivers who use the route illegally.