Burtonwood and Kingswood Road - junction improvements

In our most recent consultation we proposed improvements to the junction of Burtonwood and Kingswood Road. These proposals looked to improve the current issues with congestion, particularly at peak times, helping reduce queuing, improving journey times and accommodating traffic growth as Omega and Lingley Mere continue to grow.  

Following the close of the consultation period on 5 November 2017, all responses have now been collated. This consultation report [pdf] provides details of the consultation methodology and a summary of all responses received.

The majority of respondents were in support of the improvements and construction of the preferred option is due to start in February 2018.  All feedback received in response to questions regarding future transport improvements will be used to inform future improvements in the north west Warrington area.


To give you further background we've also produced a list of FAQs [pdf].

In addition to the proposals [pdf] we consulted on, a number of other junction improvements are proposed in the West Warrington area. These improvements are at various stages of development and are subject to detailed design and consultation at a later date. This plan [PNG] shows the location of potential future improvements and further public consultation will be undertaken as these schemes develop.

If you require additional information, please email us