CCTV - taxi licensing

We've recently updated our Taxi licensing policy [pdf] and introduced procedures to strike the right balance between safeguarding and the protection of privacy, as the security of taxi passengers and drivers is a high priority. By using CCTV we're able to protect drivers and the travelling public by deterring and detecting crime and we're committed to working closely with the taxi trade to promote best practice and to provide a quality service to the travelling public. 

All hackney carriage and private hire vehicles must have approved CCTV cameras and recording equipment in order to pass the MOT Compliance test to obtain a licence. Please see our policy [pdf] and supporting documents for further information.

CCTV news

Warrington’s taxis will now be fitted with the latest systems which will give drivers the option to turn off the system when in private use, however the system must be operational at other times.   

Installation of these new systems will begin following the conclusion of the procurement exercise and discussions with new suppliers and the taxi trade. Well keep you updated on progress via this webpage but we hope to begin the roll out in April 2019. If you require more information then please read our FAQs [pdf]. If you have any further questions please email us.

If you haven't got this CCTV sticker [docx] in your cab then please contact us.