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Walton Lea Crematorium


Services take place in the chapel at Walton Lea every 40 minutes, however the chapel may be hired for a further 40 minutes if required.

During a funeral service it is optional to have the curtains drawn across the catafalque or left open. This instruction must be given to both crematorium staff and clergy members prior to the funeral taking place.

Plasma screen facility 

A plasma screen facility is now available and is proving to be a popular choice with families. The facility allows for images to be shown during the funeral service.

Please note it's important that you have the permission of the funeral director/funeral celebrant before you explore this option.  Bereavement Services require a completed application/consent form (obtainable from your chosen funeral director) for multimedia devices to be handed in with the device 48 hours prior to the funeral taking place.

This is to ensure that the content is suitable and free of any potential technical issues. A small charge is made for the use of the facility. 


We have a large and wide-ranging catalogue of music [pdf] available to be played at funeral services, however it's possible for families to bring their own music in advance of the funeral. Our chapel also houses an organ, which is available for a £25.00 fee for use during funeral services.

After cremation

Remains won't be given to any other person without your consent in writing. If you're coming in person you must bring identification in order to collect remains. 

We provide areas in our gardens where remains may be strewn free of charge, alternatively remains may be interred within a plot in the Garden of Remembrance for a charge. Should families wish, it's possible to make an appointment to witness the strewing or interment of remains.

A range of memorials are available, further details are in the cremated remains section. Floral tributes may be placed in the vases surrounding the Book of Remembrance room.