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Business advisory visits

We're now offering businesses the chance to have an optional advisory visit ahead of their unannounced food hygiene inspection.  

Why it's good for your business

  1. It's what customers are looking for - Food Standards Agency (FSA) research has shown that customers are becoming more aware of the food hygiene rating scheme and are actively looking for hygiene rating stickers when they're out and about!
  2. There's a profit to be made - an increasing number of food businesses are displaying their hygiene rating stickers and more than a third of them say that they have a positive impact. A better rating means more customers!
  3. The vast majority of our customers feel it's important to have a better rating/result than their competitors.
  4. In a recent FSA Public Attitudes survey, 83% of respondents in England reported having seen a rating sticker on display in the last 12 months.

So why not take advantage of an advisory visit from one of our friendly officers and book your appointment today - we have expert knowledge in this area and we want to help you! 

What we offer

An officer visit will include:

  • advice on your Food Safety Management System,
  • assessing the current level of compliance for hygiene and structure of your premises
  • advice on how you can comply with the Regulations ahead of your routine inspection.
  • provide you with a copy of Safer Food Better Business, if you do not have a copy already.

We also offer re-inspection visits - find out more.


  • Existing food businesses - £141.84
  • New food businesses - £94.56
  • Re-inspection visits - £153

Please note that an advisory visit does not guarantee a higher rating on the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, but should help you to comply more fully with the Regulations and may identify areas you need to improve on.

Customer feedback

As part of an ongoing process of service improvement within the Business Compliance Team we'd like to know how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with your most recent contact/visit with the team. 

Please take 5 minutes to complete our customer survey