School cuts

The facts


  • The government is planning to introduce a new ‘National Funding Formula’ for all schools in England from April 2018 onwards.
  • At the moment funding is provided on a ‘per child’ basis and this is determined by local authority area.
  • Under the current system, there is a significant disparity between the amount of funding a child in Warrington receives compared with other areas of the country. We currently receive less funding per pupil than the national average.
  • In 2015 the government recognised the ‘postcode lottery’ that exists across the country and promised to introduce a fairer and less complex funding system.
  • The proposed new formula is out to consultation and if it goes ahead it would make Warrington one of the worst funded areas for education nationally, placing us 141st in the country out of 150.
  • Under the new formula schools in the best funded authority area would be funded at an average of £6775 per child while those in Warrington would generate £4306 on average – still below the national average and a difference of £2469 per child.
  • In the new formula a larger weighting has been placed on pupil factors like deprivation and prior attainment than on the basic per pupil funding despite the costs of running a school being very similar in most areas outside of London.
  • Rather than being rewarded for doing well, we are being penalised for our economic and educational success. If agreed, the new formula would wipe almost a quarter of a million pounds a year off school budgets – that’s on top of existing cuts of around 8 – 10%.
  • A small number of schools in the borough would gain as a result of the new formula, but most schools in Warrington would lose out.
  • If agreed, the new formula would be introduced in 2018-19.