Walton old laundry

The Old Laundry suite of rooms is situated to the west of Walton Hall, connected by the freestanding brick walls that originally formed part of a more significant connection to the Hall. The house was built in 1836-38, with a baronial extension wing and clock tower added in 1869. The clock tower forms part of the connection to the Old Laundry rooms and it's likely that the Old Laundry was part of the later extension to the building.
We acquired the estate after Lord Daresbury’s death in 1938 and opened it as a public park in 1945. In the late 1970's the poor condition of the Hall buildings meant that the central range was demolished, leaving the eastern portion of the Hall, the Old Laundry area and the clock tower.
Since our acquisition back in 1938 the rooms associated with the Old Laundry area have been used for storage or other similar purposes, which has meant that the building has survived unmodified to a great extent. However in recent years, vandalism and damage to the structure have diminished the integrity of the building.

We started work in September 2017 as we began to replace broken brickwork, guttering and drainpipes. Over the duration of the project we've installed new dormer windows as well as replastering the inside of the building using lime plaster with lime mortar being used on the exterior of the building. All work was completed in January 2018 and with amazing results as you can see below! It will now be home to the 'Cycle Museum'!