Air quality

Smoke control areas

The majority of Warrington is designated as Smoke Control Areas, with the exception of parts of Stretton and Hatton.

To see if you live in a smoke control area view our interactive map which shows these areas in hatched green.

It's an offence to emit smoke from a household chimney unless a Defra approved “exempt appliance” or an “authorised smokeless fuel” is used.  If enforcement action is taken, fines can be up to £1000 per offence.

If you wish to burn logs as fuel please be aware that this is only allowed in an exempt appliance. Please take note of the following:

  • Logs should either be bought as kiln dried or left stored for at least 2 years to reduce any moisture to less than 20% within the wood.
  • If you use a stove that's not an approved appliance or wish to burn in an open fireplace, then you are only allowed to use “smokeless fuel”. 
  • If you're installing a new wood burning stove, the stove and duct work, must be installed by an accredited engineer, such as Hetas approved, to meet building regulations.  
  • If the stove isn't installed by an accredited engineer then our Building Control Team should be contacted by calling (01925) 443322 to check that that it's been fitted correctly. Please note that there will be a charge for this.  

These controls relate to smoke only. Please note that there will still be the smell of burning -which  isn't an offence and isn't something that we could investigate. 

If you're affected by smoke coming from a neighbours chimney then you can report this to us via our online form or by calling (01925) 443322.

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