This post is an additional school based staff member whose job it is to support children and their families and reduce barriers to learning. These barriers to learning may be a result of something happening within the school or externally.

The Family Support Worker will work alongside teaching staff and existing pastoral systems to provide an extra layer of support for pupils.

Supporting families

  • Under guidance from the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team, to engage with vulnerable families in order to formulate a package of support
  • To act as a point of contact in school for families in need of support
  • To signpost for families and refer for support when appropriate
  • Liaise professionally with external agencies such as Housing, NSPCC, Sure Start, Social Care and the Early Intervention Team.
  •  To complete Early Help Assessments (EHATS) with families in order to assist them in seeking the most appropriate support
  • Work within the Family Action procedures and attend meetings as appropriate. · To build effective relationships with families
  • To provide opportunities for families to engage with the school by sourcing or/and initiating shared learning opportunities.
  • To maintain regular contact with families of children receiving support to encourage positive family involvement in the child’s learning
  • To ensure information is forwarded to the Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead as appropriate
  •  To maintain record keeping in accordance with the policies and procedures in place in school, including case studies
  • Support parents in establishing and maintaining positive routines for pupils so they are able to attend school daily, ready to learn.
  • Help parents/carers to gain confidence in creating and maintaining consistent boundaries.
  • Offer after school parenting courses.
  • Create action plans for families and ensure those actions are carried out by all involved.
  • Hold weekly contact with parents/carers inviting them into school or visiting them at home.
  • Set realistic expectations and time scales and agree the scope and use of confidential information.

Supporting pupils

  • Establish good working relationships with pupils, acting as a role model and setting high Generated by Recruitment Team on 17/12/2020 Page 3 of 5 expectations
  • Provide consistent support to all pupils, responding appropriately to individual pupil needs as directed by Senior leaders.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of Individual support Plans and Behaviour Plans
  • Promote inclusion and acceptance of all pupils
  • Encourage pupils to interact with others and engage in activities led by the teacher
  • Promote self-esteem and independence, employing strategies to recognise and reward achievement within established school procedure
  • Provide feedback to pupils in relation to progress and achievement under the guidance and direction of the teacher
  • Use specialist (curricular/learning) skills/training/experience to support pupils
  • Assist in the administering of routine and emergency medication
  • Assist in the planning, implementation, assessing, recording and reporting in relation to personal care and independence programmes
  • Assist with the carrying out of therapy and medical programmes that have been designed and monitored by therapy and medical staff
  • Provide one-to-one support for pupils in either a care/special needs capacity as and when required
  • Be available to support pupils during the lunch and break periods to help them in resolving conflicts and developing personal, social and emotional skills.
  • Contribute to the creation of Behaviour plans and support teachers in monitoring and providing evidence showing progress towards these plans and also EHC plan targets for identified students.
  • Contribute to EHC plan reviews where necessary.
  • Undertake the role of Keyworker for nominated students, as chosen by the Senior Leadership team, having regular contact with them and building successful relationships with them and their parents/carers.

Supporting the curriculum

  • Undertake structured and agreed learning activities/learning programmes, taking into consideration pupil learning styles, including small group work
  • Undertake literacy/numeracy programmes, recording achievements and progress and providing appropriate reports and feedback for the teacher
  • Support the use of ICT in learning activities and develop pupils’ competence and independence in its use
  • Prepare, maintain levels and use equipment/resources required to meet the lesson plans/relevant learning activity and assist pupils in their use

Supporting staff

  • To monitor attendance and identify patterns of absences and implementing structures to improve attendance
  • To support the Senior Leaders in identifying possible under attainment and underachievement linked to poor attendance or other barriers external or internal
  • To assist in supporting learning through intervention to accelerate progress of the identified Generated by Recruitment Team on 17/12/2020 Page 4 of 5 vulnerable group
  • To assist in the implementation of SP and IBP and take an active role in the review process
  • Provide clerical support (e.g. photocopying, filing, data input, collecting money etc.)
  • Assist with the display of children’s work
  • Create and maintain a purposeful, orderly and supportive environment, in accordance with plans
  • In liaison with the teacher/other senior learning staff, utilise strategies to support pupils in achieving learning goals
  • Report pupil achievement, progress and issues as appropriate in agreed format
  • Undertake pupil record keeping as requested
  • Administer routine tests and invigilate exams as directed.
  • Promote good pupil behaviour, dealing with conflict and incidents and encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour in line with established school policy
  • Establish constructive relationships with parents/carers and communicate information as required.

Support the school

  • Be aware of and comply with school policies and procedures relating to child protection, pupil behaviour and discipline, health and safety and security, confidentiality and data protection. Report all concerns to the appropriate person (as named in the policy concerned)
  • Be aware of and support difference and ensure all pupils have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop
  • Contribute to the school ethos, aims and development/improvement plan
  • Establish constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/professionals, in liaison with the teacher, to support achievement and progress of pupils
  • Attend and participate in regular meetings as appropriate and report back
  • Participate in training and other learning activities as required
  • Establish own best practice and use to support others
  • Assist in the supervision, training and development of other learning assistants.
  • Assist with the planning of opportunities for pupils to learn in out-of-school contexts, according to school policies and procedures and within working hours
  • Accompany teaching staff and pupils on visits, trips and out of school activities as required
  • Assist in the planning, delivery and evaluation of training, advice, guidance and support to colleagues in other schools
  • Assist in the organisation, monitoring and delivery of training to students and other adults on placement
  • Establish and maintain inventories of equipment and resources
  • Safety and wellbeing of students.


1. High expectations of all pupils; respect for their social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds; and commitment to raising their educational achievements

2. To be responsible for improving your own practice through observation, evaluation, discussion & training Generated by Recruitment Team on 17/12/2020 Page 5 of 5

3. To comply with the Data Protection Act and School policies and procedures

4. The post holder may reasonably be expected to undertake other duties commensurate with the level of responsibility that may be allocated from time to time.

5. To comply with the School’s Health and Safety Policy and associated safe working procedures and guidelines.

6. To comply with the School’s Comprehensive Equality Policy and to ensure that it is implemented within the service area of the post.

7. To comply with the School’s Data Protection Policy and Code of Practice within the service area of the

Start Date: asap

Closing Date: 21/1/2021

Shortlisting: 21/01/2021

Interviews: 27th January 2021