We've recently successfully obtained ring-fenced resources to deliver cycling and walking schemes within its Local Transport Plan. One of these schemes is a significant upgrade of Longbarn Park's path and a new direct route between Nook Lane and the College Place roundabout on Birchwood Way. 

The scheme will benefit people walking, cycling, using mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc. and will help people travel sustainably, healthily and safely.  

The proposals 

Phase 1: Nook Lane to College Place Roundabout 

Works will begin on Monday 8 February, lasting until Tuesday 2 March 2021.

Following the introduction of pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities at College Place roundabout as part of the Warrington East Phase 2 project, we'll also provide a new path between Nook Lane and College Place Roundabout. The new path will give a direct and traffic-free route for residents to access the wider area. 

We expect these works to take place concurrently with Phase 2 on Longbarn Park. We'll be closing Nook Lane between the subway and park entrance to allow resurfacing for a short period. However, we will provide advance notification on-site. 

Phase 2: Longbarn Park (Meadow Lane to Nook Lane)

Works will begin on Wednesday 3 March, lasting until Wednesday 31 March 2021.

The existing main east-west path within Longbarn Park has several sections which are in poor condition and narrow. We plan to have it resurfaced and widened to 3.0m. 

We'll have to realign the path's central section further south (away from neighbouring properties) due to significant tree root damage. In doing this, we'll ensure that the trees can be protected whilst providing a path free of trip hazards. We'll work with the Friends of Longbarn Park to relocate the existing planters.

At various stages of the works, it will be necessary to close sections of the path. However, when this is the case, we'll provide advance notification at the park entrances. The Friends of Longbarn Park group have been kept fully informed and are in support of these proposals. 


We've scheduled the scheme to start on site in February/March 2021. 


The full set of drawings showing the scheme in more detail are available to download. If you're unable to view these plans, please let us know, and we can supply a paper copy for you to consider. 



We'd welcome any comment you might have on the scheme. Please send us your feedback to