The Mental health outreach team is a mental health reablement service which offers both 1:1 and group interventions aimed at enabling people to improve their mental wellbeing. The team is based at New town house and provides support to adults across the Warrington area with Moderate and complex mental health needs. They aim to assist people out of secondary mental health services whilst preventing others from entering the system.

Support and therapies

The team provides short term (8-10 weeks duration) 1:1 individually tailored support packages. Using the Mental wellbeing star as an assessment and outcome tool, the service delivers none medical interventions assisting people to address practical issues impacting on their mental wellbeing. The types of support provided include: Symptom management, confidence building, anxiety management and desensitisation. Maintaining or seeking employment, home management, reducing social isolation, advice around housing, budgeting and benefits are all areas the team address supporting people both individually and in a group setting. The team accepts referrals for star support services from health and social care and works collaboratively with a wide range of organisations.

The team deliver a range of group therapies and an extensive programme of arts and wellbeing groups as part of the Creative remedies programme for Warrington residents over the age of 18.

Team structure

The team currently consists of a Team Manager, 3 x group leaders who offer strategic and supervisory support to the team. 4 x Senior Support, Time and Recovery workers who complete individual client assessments and a team of Support, Time and Recovery workers who deliver 1:1 client support. The team also contains a community engagement worker who leads the creative remedies programme.


Typically team members will work with a small fluid caseload providing time limited support aimed at assisting the individual to achieve pre-arranged goals. In addition they would contribute to the group therapy and creative remedies programmes offering vocational and therapeutic support.

Required experience

Team members should have experience and knowledge in working in a community setting, particularly with people with mental health needs and/or experience of working with people with addictions. Staff should have excellent communication skills and should be able to engage with a wide range of people from all walks of life and a wide range of professionals from different agencies. An interest in the arts is an advantage.