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  • Green reigns supreme in Warrington

    Green flags Published: 8th August 2018

    Warrington’s cemeteries are once again flying the flag for the borough.

  • Play for all at Oakwood Avenue

    Oakwood Avenue Park Published: 8th August 2018

    Work has been completed on a brand new, disability-friendly play area on Oakwood Avenue in Padgate.

  • Film Up North

    Film up north cropped Published: 3rd August 2018

    Community cinema comes to Warrington Town Hall showcasing three British classics.

  • Red squirrels at Walton

    red squirrels Published: 3rd August 2018

    Four red squirrel kittens have been born at Walton Hall and Gardens Children’s Zoo.

  • Work continues on Local Plan

    Local Plan Published: 2nd August 2018

    Warrington Borough Council is continuing to make progress on its Local Plan.

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