Look out for your poll card

Poll cards
If you want to vote in the May elections, you need to be registered to vote...
Published: Friday, 5th May 2017

Warrington Borough Council will begin sending out poll cards on Monday 8 May for the 2017 General Election.

Poll cards will be sent to every property in the borough, and local people are being reminded that if they do not receive one, or if the one they receive is not for them, to check that they are registered to vote.

You can vote if you are 18 or over, you live in the UK and are a British or Irish citizen, or a Commonwealth citizen.

Only people who are registered to vote can take part in the General Election on Thursday 8 June

If you are not sure if you are already registered to vote, you can check with the elections team at elections@warrington.gov.uk. You can register to vote online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote where you will need to provide your date of birth and national insurance number. 

If you are not available to vote in person on Thursday 8 June, you can decide to vote by post. To apply, complete the postal vote application form at www.yourvotematters.co.uk/how-do-i-vote/voting-by-post

You can also contact electoral services at elections@warrington.gov.uk or call 01925 442184 to be sent a postal vote application form. The deadline for applying for this form is 5pm on Tuesday 23 May 2017

For more information on voting in elections, visit www.warrington.gov.uk/elections.