Cenotaph work planned

Published: Monday, 3rd July 2017

Warrington Borough Council’s executive board will vote on plans to temporarily move Warrington Cenotaph while repairs are carried out to the river bank.

The masonry river wall along the section of the Mersey immediately below the Cenotaph was found to be in a poor state during a routine inspection of bridge and riverside structures.

High water levels and increased river flow have exacerbated this condition in recent years, causing part of the river wall to collapse.

It is difficult to accurately predict the rate of deterioration of the river wall, as this will be heavily influenced by prevailing weather and river flood conditions.

The work will also include improved accessibility to the site.

Cllr Russ Bowden, deputy leader of the council, said: “It’s only right and proper that we maintain the Cenotaph to a high standard.

“Given what this memorial represents we should certainly do everything within our power to preserve the site for future generations.”

• It is estimated the cost of moving the Cenotaph and repairing will be £1.3million.

• Warrington Borough Council has already consulted with key stakeholders.

• If approved, the work would take place after Remembrance Sunday 2017 and the site would be ready before the same date in 2018.

• The Cenotaph and war memorial at Bridge Foot was completed in 1925 and has been used as a focus for memorial events and Remembrance Sunday since that date.

• Although originally constructed to honour the fallen in the Great War, the memorial now commemorates both World Wars and other conflicts since that date including the Northern Ireland Conflict, Palestine and the Iraq War.