Council warns over battery blazes

Wheelie bin fire Published: Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Warrington Borough Council is warning residents to be careful how they recycle batteries after a battery caused a fire in bin lorry for the second time in a year.

The council is urging people to make sure they recycle batteries correctly and only put the correct items in the blue recycling bins. Cheshire Fire and Rescue were called to a fire in a bin lorry in April 2017 and there was a similar incident in December.

All of Warrington’s Community Recycling Centres will accept batteries for recycling; some libraries have battery collection boxes as do shops that sell batteries.
To find out what you can and can’t recycle in the blue bins please see:

The council is also asking people to take precautions against arson attacks on their bins after reports of a series of fires.

These fires can have very serious consequences and the council has issued the following advice:

•         Store all wheelie bins away, especially at night, to avoid them becoming a target for arsonists
•         Only place your wheelie bin out on collection day and return it to your property as soon as possible after collection
•         Whenever possible, wheelie bins should be stored securely behind locked gates
•         Do not overfill your wheelie bins or leave loose rubbish around them
•         Don't place hot items in the bin, for example:  smoking materials, hot embers from coal/wood, hot ash, etc
•         Don't store wheelie bins by windows or doors - any fire in the bin could easily spread to your property