Fairtrade status renewed

Fairtrade Published: Friday, 9th February 2018

The borough’s Fairtrade status has been renewed for another two years thanks to strong community support.

Members of Warrington Fairtrade Steering Group met at the Town to mark the borough's successful renewal of its Fairtrade status. The new certificate, awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation, has been proudly displayed inside the Town Hall.

Warrington first became a Fairtrade Borough in 2006 and because of the continuous good support from many sections of the community has now maintained this status for twelve successive years. 

Jackie Hancock, chair of the steering group said: "This certificate is in recognition of the strong support for Fairtrade across many facets of our community here in Warrington. The first part of the renewal application involved listing all achievements since 2015. These included ongoing support received from the council, the regular use of Fairtrade tea coffee and sugar in many churches, good coverage from local media, and support from schools via assemblies, lessons and Fairtrade tuck shops and the continuous offer of Fairtrade products at Fair4All in Warrington Market.

There were also special events to record, such as the annual promotional site provided by Golden Square. The other part of the application requires an action plan for the coming two years. We have set ourselves a number of goals, which include holding a Fairtrade wine tasting evening!"  

Cllr Dan Price, executive board member for culture and partnerships, said: “Fairtrade has an important part to play in making our world fairer. It enables farmers in developing countries to have a stable income and gives them with the opportunity to trade their way out of poverty. In Warrington, we’re committed to maintaining our Fairtrade status but can only do so due to the ongoing support for Fairtrade across the borough, including the wide availability of Fairtrade products in local shops and catering outlets and high levels of support from local people, businesses, faith groups and schools.  

We will continue to build on the good work done so far and encourage everyone to get involved with the work of the steering group and buy products that carry the Fairtrade Mark so we can continue to support producers in developing countries.”

One of the steering group's main aims is to raise awareness of the huge difference we can all make to the living standards of producers in developing countries, simply by regularly buying goods that carry the Fairtrade Mark. If you are interested in joining the steering group to help promote Fairtrade across the borough, see Warrington's Fairtrade website for more information.