Have your say on Warrington’s Housing Plans

Published: Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Warrington Borough Council is encouraging residents to have their say on the 10-year plan to improve the quality of housing across the borough.

The Warrington’s housing strategy 2018-2028 sets out the key challenges facing Warrington and sets out investment priorities for the next 10 years.  The ambitious plan aims to raise standards to support residents and communities with a focus on housing that: 

•         Is safe, clean, affordable, healthy, secure and sustainable 
•         Meets the varying needs and aspirations 
•         Meets standards that reduce fuel poverty, combat climate change and reduce pollution 
•         Supports community cohesion 

The strategy also identifies four key priorities 

•         To provide new sustainable homes in places where people want to live.  
•         To help people live at home, improve their independence, health and quality of life.
•         To make better use and improve the standards of existing housing stock so it is decent and safe.  
•         To provide housing advice, information and a preventative service. 

Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, executive board member responsible for housing, said: “This is a really important strategy which has been developed to drive forward housing improvements across the borough over the next 10 years.
Every Warrington resident has the right to live in a home which is safe, clean, secure and affordable.  These plans will affect everyone who lives here, so I would encourage as many people as possible to take part in the consultation and have their say.”

To get involved and have your say go to www.warrington.gov.uk/consultations

The deadline for response is Friday 23 March 2018.